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We at Live Connect Technology Solutions leverage our rich technology and domain expertise to enable organizations and help them constantly innovate and implement software products and services to improve them to meet the market challenges at reduced cost.

Our Leadership team’s multi-decade global service experience in Gulf, India and other regions covers variety of industries including, but not limited to, Manufacturing, Distribution, Trading, Energy & Utilities, Infrastructure, Services and Airlines.

  • We offer Solutions based on our learnings, customer experiences, best across solutions, customer expectations and needs. We design and develop solutions and technologies to fulfill the customer needs.
  • Our mantras keep evolving on Enterprise Planning Applications (ERP), Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS), Opensource solutions, E-Commerce, Digitalization, Mobility, BI Analytics, Cloud, Application Development, Migration activities and so much more.
  • We do Managed Services to meet current economic and business challenges at reduced cost in IT, Finance, Business and Marketing and Training sectors.


It is crucial for companies to stay competitive in today’s market conditions. Systems and Infrastructure need real-time support, periodic maintenance, timely upgrades, and enhancements to meet your business goals.

Oracle ERP

LCTS enables organizations to implement, adopt and manage Oracle E-Biz & Cloud Applications. Our team members have a wealth of experience ranging from 16 to 26 years in Oracle e-Business Suite (releases 10.7 till 12) and 10 plus years in Oracle ERP Cloud implementation services.

As an Oracle ERP specialized consulting services company, we help businesses with New ERP Cloud Implementation, Managed Services, Support Services, Upgrades, Health Check & Assessments, Special Projects, Systems Integration, Product Development, R12 transformation to Cloud Migration, Onsite-Offshore Delivery model, Scoping Study and more.

Opensource ERP

Open-source software is experiencing an exponential growth ever since the launch of the Free Software Movement in 1983. By its very essence, Open-source software fuels enterprising organizations because unlike proprietary systems, it enables greater innovation and differentiation which helps companies to stand apart and encouraging healthy competition at a lower cost.

Due to Budget constraints, many companies started to consider Open Source software for a better economic model as there is no upfront licensing cost & no vendor lock-in other than consulting, customization and deployment cost if engaged with vendors.

We offer Open-source ERP, Ecommerce and Technology solutions to manage their infrastructure and services through our proven and reliable partners.

  • ODOO ERP Finance, Sales & CRM, Manufacturing, HR and Mobility
  • ODOO Hospital Management System
  • ODOO Online Portals


LCTS team is specialized in Solution Architecting/Designing, Development, Project Management, Resource Management, Support and Service Level Management, Multi-Country/Multi-location Project Implementation, Systems Integration, APP Product Development, Cloud Migration, Onsite-Offshore Delivery model and Scoping Study

We bring a high-level of expertise and rich experience of having Process Designing, Development and Deployment in both On-Premises and Cloud.

  • Ecommerce Portal application
  • Mobility / Mobile Apps

Managed Services

It is crucial for companies to stay competitive in today’s market conditions. Systems and Infrastructure need real-time support, periodic maintenance, timely upgrades, and enhancements to meet your business goals.

We completely understand your needs and will provide our best services by working as your Business Technology partner with reliability and commitment.

We do managed services upon your choice for the following areas.

  • IT software and Application services
  • IT Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Project Management
  • Resources deployment (Onsite and Offshore)

Industry software & Business Complimentary Solutions.

Our decades of experience certainly will identify the gaps and provide Industry specific software solutions and complimentary business solutions. This can support and integrate existing functional systems that will compliment and fill the grey areas and shall ensure a complete technology driven industrial and business function.

Industry software solutions

We develop with our partners who expertise in specific industry products having proven product development, delivery and quality assurance shall ensure successful running systems and higher than the expected results.

The systems are built with:

  • AI & Cognitive solutions
  • Robotics Automation
  • Embedded Systems & ML

These are tailor made technologies based on your industry requirements. It can be across business verticals from:

  • Farm and Dairy
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Oil & Gas to Port & Yard
  • Finance and Service industry solutions etc.

Business Complimentary Solutions

Business Solutions that can Compliment and Support your ERP, MRP, WMS, HRMS solutions:

  • Route Accounting / Van Sales System
  • Survey and Merchandising System
  • Document Management / Record Management System (DMS & RMS)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) System
  • Online Ordering and Delivery System,
  • Mobility Solution / Mobile App and Portal
  • Hospital Management System
  • School Management System
  • Trend Analysis Application
  • Meter reading and Tracking solutions.


In today’s rapidly growing market conditions, the training and development aspects are the key to success. Hence, we provide technical training and Business Finance training to IT and Non-IT, Finance and Accounting resources.

Our professional trainers will handle both onsite and online platform trainings in;

  • IT Technical, Coding, Development, Mobility, Website development
  • ERP and Business Applications Functional
  • Finance & Business Functions Training etc.

Professional services & Consultancy

Professional services are:

  • Project Management and Consulting Services
  • Business Requirement Gathering and Bid Proposal writing
  • Post implementation review and health check
  • Finance advisory
  • Cloud Auditing

Al Mandoos, Records Management

A hybrid Management Solution for Physical Records Storage with seamless System integration


  • Do you need to occupy valuable / precious office space?
  • Should you to store them in a inconvenient location?
  • Should you depend on your employee, when their continuity of employment is a question?


  • No need for the additional cost of occupying valuable space in your office.
  • No need to depend up on employees for managing the growing volume of records.
  • No need to worry / concern about the disaster management of your valuable records.
  • No need to be concerned about the disgruntled employee damaging / leaking your records.
  • You are obligated to store the records for 10 Years.


  • Effective, Secured Data and Space Management.
  • Ability to map / integrate our system with Client’s inhouse system.
  • Free up the space and reduce the cost of leasing & managing the storage of records.
  • It was found that around 80% of records not warranted to be readily accessible on premises.
  • Our Mandoos Records Management Solution would improve client’s business workflow and performance.
  • The facility is well equipped and fully complied with the industry standards.
  • Experience of serving Large and Medium Size Clients to their satisfaction over a decade.

Opensource CLOUD-DRIVE Technology

CLOUD-DRIVE, A Centralized Destination For Your DataA Centralized Destination For Your Data & Digital Workspace Remote-work drastically increasing due to the current global market condition. It created opportunities to modernize business and facilitate digital tools for users to work-from-anywhere. The expectation of future user is quick deployment and simplified management of applications.

  • Consolidate existing content and documents
    Provide controlled access to employees, partners, vendors, and customers
    Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere
    ONLYOFFICE suite allows you to view, edit and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations
    More visibility and control, maintain audit trails and tracking
    A modern and easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients and mobile apps

  • Visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency
    Plan, get your project organized and Keep track of changes in activities
    Easy Access Anywhere, Seamless Collaboration, High Availability

  • Delivers on-premises, a fully self-hosted private audio/video conferencing and text chat
    Enables your team connect on any device, with each other, partners, vendors, and customers

  • Efficiently and instantly create knowledge management document
    Another step towards paperless office

  • Manage contacts, Import contacts using a VCF/ Vcard
    Sync recurring events with Calendar

  • Easy approval workflows enable teams to collaborate on approval process
    Define rules and enforce company policy on data to the users


We are not an IT service provider rather we are a Technology business partner.

We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships

Innovate, develop and deploy leading edge technology

We strive for excellence, go the extra mile and have fun in what we do.

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers' lives.


We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help our Company win.

Challenge Ourselves

We commit ourselves to continuously improve our performance and push through our comfort barriers.

Skills and Development

What we used?

Oracle ERP 100%
Development 90%
Odoo / Python 90%
Ecommerce / Mobility 80%
BI / Analytics 80%
DMS/ RMS/ Content Management 80%
Project Management 100%
Post Implementation review / Health check 100%

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